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More than just a single figure, this business valuation includes a comprehensive financial analysis of your business and 5 competitors. We are not involved in selling businesses; we will provide a detailed business valuation report giving you an independent opinion on what your business is worth.

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Who are we?

ValueYourCompany.com is the UK's leading provider of valuations for over 30 years. Whilst most companies will offer you a valuation with a view to selling your business, we offer a quick and efficient valuation service for a one off fee of just £399 (+VAT).

Plimsoll Business Valuation

Our business valuation service is used by owners and managers for:

  • Annual Strategic Planning
  • Competitor benchmarking studies
  • Sale of a business
  • To acquire a business
  • Value a shareholding / Shareholder disputes
  • Tax planning / HMRC disputes
  • Transfer to a limited business
  • Divorce proceedings

For a confidential, unbiased and hassle-free valuation of any UK business, order on-line today and we will have your valuation report within 24 hours. To maintain confidentiality any correspondence will be via your designated email address.

Compare it to 5 companies of your Choice

Want to see how your value compares to those competitors that mean the most? Order today and we will include an individual valuation on 5 other companies of your choice - at no extra cost.

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Any questions?

Call the ValueYourCompany.com team on:+44 (0)330 005 0124 or email R.Jones@ValueYourCompany.com

How accurate are our valuations?

The ValueYourCompany.com Analysis gives you an independent opinion on the value the chosen company so you are well equipped for whatever negotiations or planning activities you may have.

Below are details of how much ValueYourCompany.com valued the following companies as compared to their recent sales price.

Recently sold companiesOur valuationActual value
Brighton Marine Palace & Pier company (the)£17.6m£18m
John Swan & Sons LTD£7.5m£8.2m
Zip Textiles (Services) LTD£14.9m£15m
Premier Galvanizing LTD£13.3m£15.5m
Smart Card Software LTD£61.4m£64.7m
Glid Wind Farms Topco LTD£435m£423m
Poundland Group PLC£544m£597m

Please note that these companies have not necessarily used the ValueYourCompany.com Valuation Service.

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Testimonials from our previous customers

We have valued many thousand companies for a host of reasons. Our service is fast, reliable and completely confidential. Here's what some of our satisfied companies have to say about us:

The valuation report is most comprehensive and just what I was looking for. I want a valuation with you every year as it is really helpful for growing my business.

- James Mullane | Richard Edwards Group LLP

I find the valuation an extremely useful tool in support of my annual presentation to the external shareholders at the company annual general meeting. The report is always produced very quickly and provides all of the information the shareholders are interested to find out.

- Robbie O'Keefe | The Football Academy

ValueYourCompany.com have a marvellous ability to gather relevant financial data on companies and present it in a clear, helpful way.

- John Priestland | Global Strategy Director, WSP Global

We achieved spot-on the overall value that your research had suggested. Your company Valuation report turned out to be more accurate than we expected.

- Andrew Jacobs | A Poortman (London) Ltd